Organ and Sick Carrier

If you are planning a short-term medical transport, our experts are available to you 24/7. Please simply call our “24/7 Hotline” for urgent inquiries.

Transport Organs or Blood

The quickest way of transporting organs or blood storages, can often only be guaranteed through the airways. With a helicopter, we can offer the most flexible solution to medical egg-transport. When trying to land, an aircraft is almost never dependent on any nearby airports. Short-term usage of a helicopter, presents an everyday challenge for us. We can have a suitable aircraft in your designated area in no time and ready for use. Longer distances can be traveled with the help of jet or propeller airplanes. A non-complicated connection of the two aircrafts is also possibly. In conjunction, the aircraft picks-up the freight from the hospital or laboratory, and brings it swiftly to the next airport. There you will find an appropriate plane ready to fly to the next airport, carrying the organs and the blood storages. After arriving at the destination airport, another aircraft will take-over the last part of the freight transports. With this type of transport, we make sure that there are no delays. Well-educated service personnel, pilots, and air-traffic controllers allow for a smooth transition of all parties.


KrankentransportIf you require a sick carrier through the fast airways, we offer a large amount of special aircrafts to you. Most hospitals offer a landing field for helicopters, which means that there is a quick transport of the patient from the chopper into the hospital. It also does not make a difference to us, if the patient needs to be transported sitting or lying into the building. Flying internationally is no hindrance to us. If a patient needs to travel a long distance before reaching its destination, then we will discuss for you to have an adequate aircraft. Our expert staff is available to you 24hrs a day with answers to any arising questions.