Confidentiality is our priority, this is why you will find a selection of our operations.

Flight over Alpha Ventus

A team of German and Japanese engineers, that searches the segment for renewable energy, went offshore last week to view the wind park Alpha Ventus. They chartered their own aircraft. This wind park comprises 12 powerful wind plants, and lies about 45 kilometers north-west of Borkum. In order to meet the needs of our client, the Shuttle-flug.de staff selected an aircraft, which can fly at a ... [more]

Ski Star Lindsey Vonn in the Air

Last week the Shuttle-flug.de staff organized a last minute helicopter transfer for the best known American female ski athlete. From the event venue, FIS Worldcup Zwiesel, the star was picked up and later dropped off in Munich. It only took forty minutes for the well-organized transfer. A limo was waiting on the guest, in order to take her comfortably to her model shoot. Even though the start ... [more]

Short-term transfer at Night

An executive had to fly from Hanover to Berlin, because of an important appointment, and be back the same night. The take-off took place just after sunset, and so we had to use a helicopter, which allowed us to operate at night. We found a suitable aircraft, which had all required technical equipment, to fly our client to its destination despite a short-term booking. The pilot was always ... [more]

Clearing Snow of a Roof

Almost daily did the team of Shuttle-flug.de, have to organize flights in order to clear snow of roofs. Most of all in East Germany will the temperatures be in the freezing areas over the next couple of days. For this reason, we will be clearing of several roofs with powder like snow, all the way up to the New Year. If you consider using a helicopter for this purpose, all of our experts are ... [more]

Munich - Freiburg without traffic

To truly commit to an appointment made on the first day of a holiday nearly 400km away, Shuttle-flug.de organized a helicopter trip for a businessperson and three other people. The transfer was meant to be from Erding to Freiburg. In order to save more time, the Shuttle-flug.de staff obtained a landing permission in order to land on private property more convenient to the passenger. The ... [more]

Antonia from Tirol to Oberhausen

If a star has the possibility to make two appearances in a single day, then the distance between the two stops can be a hindrance. Shuttle-flug.de heard about this situation, and knew how costs could be an axe in the use of a private airplane. A large and expensive private jet would have been a no-go for the pop singer. We at Shuttle-flug.de figured a small, and so inexpensive jet would get ... [more]

Sick Carrier Helicopter

To transport a team member from Bonn to the Bodensee as fast as possible, and as comfortably as possible, Shuttle-Flug organized a sick carrier flight with a helicopter. Just like any other flight, all details of the flight were discussed with the physician planned to be on board. It is important that all questions have a valid answer before take-off. His assistants will accompany the ... [more]

Express flight Bratislava - Stuttgart

In order to avoid the standstill in the production factory of a well-known Car dealer, Shuttle-flug.de used a private jet this week. It flew numerous boxes with vital parts from Bratislava, which is near Slovakia, to the Stuttgart location. Our customer appeared surprised, in which speed the crew appeared to be take-off ready. In only a few minutes, all parts were loaded and the jet was in ... [more]

Important customers after Danzig

Shuttle-flug.de provided transportation for some very important clients of an automobile supplier in the past few days. Three business partners had to be flown on short notice into the polish Danzig. Because the return flight had to be flexible for the clients, the helicopter stayed on site for immediate return decisions. This was a positive for all participants. After two days, the guests ... [more]

Formula 1 at Hockenheimring

The formula 1 season made its stop in Baden-Württemberg this past week. Just like every year, some visitors tried to beat the traffic chaos by air travel. A heliport on base made all of this possible. For many customers, we provided appropriate helicopters. We acted as the contact on-site, and made sure there was a smooth flow of all flights. Many helicopters were used by businesses that ... [more]

Jet-charter to Spain

All day long, a private jet was set aside for our clients yesterday. They boarded the jet in southern Germany, and got used to the roomy Cessna Citation 550 Bravo on the short flight to Barcelona rather quickly. The airplane stood at the airport take-off ready all day in order for the clients to fly back at will. Without long waiting lines and troublesome check-ins, the two business partners ... [more]

Under time pressure to a Meeting

An important meeting had two entrepreneurs with short-term changes to their appointment plan baffled. A flight from Munich to Cologne with a private airplane was the only chance in order punctually to be able to begin the meeting. Shuttle-flug.de attended to the matter within minutes, and allowed for a smooth transport of the two. The helicopter got them to their destination in a timely ... [more]

Alternative to traffic

The reunion of a young family became interesting with the help of our team, and led to an extraordinary event. After the children had spent two weeks at the grandparents’ house, their parents picked them up. In order to be able to spend the last weekend before the school started up again with their kids, we had the young couple travel in fashion. The helicopter flew over several ... [more]

Express Blood-Carrier

In a short amount of time, stored blood had to be flown from the polish Gliwice to Stuttgart today. Because of the short runway, we could not use a very fast aircraft for this medical transport. The green country area in Gliwice (German Gleiwitz) only allowed for a small airplane to land. Because the distance simultaneously did not add up with the time given for the flight, Shuttle-flug.de ... [more]

Visibility flight still possible

The air traffic was shut down in almost all of Europe due to the ash clouds. If you are looking for an alternative, we offer the option to fly flight with a helicopter. Please call our 24hr hotline for urgent situations. [more]

Express flight for Doctor

A specialist was ordered in on short notice for immediate heart surgery. He was needed for an urgent heart operation at a heart clinic – with no time to waste. In such cases, there are not many alternatives in order to arrive quickly and in front of the destination. Because of these circumstances, an express flight was organized by Shuttle-flug.de. The doctor was able to land right in front ... [more]

With the Helicopter to a Private Jet

The helicopter was available for take-off when the black Mercedes Benz limo made its way onto the Frankfurt airstrip. Very important appointments pressed our customer to use the charter flight via helicopter to Cologne. The flight from Cologne to Bonn only took a few minutes, as the helicopter was able to land directly next to the private jet waiting on the executives. From there the jet took ... [more]

Helicopters start in spite of Ash!

Due to the ash cloud on Friday (16. April 2010), according to Eurocontrol about 60 percent of all flights will be cancelled. We offer an evasive possibility to still be in the air via helicopter. Because of its low altitude, most helicopters can take-off into the air. Please provide us your flight schedule, and our staff will make sure you get to your destination at any time of the day. [more]

Many uses in spite of Ash

In the past days, Shuttle-flug.de had to organize a multitude of short-term flights. On the basis the day after day flight ban and the Flugausfällen resulting from that, tried numerous customers on that by the ash cloud spares to avoid remained visibility flight. Helicopter and many smaller airplane types were asked like already long no longer. They were allowed to use unrestrictedly the ... [more]

Canada’s Premier in a Hurry

The former prime minister of Canada, Paul Edgar Phillippe, thanked the entire team around Shuttle-flug.de for its short-term work and organization with his transport from Berlin to Lissabon. In spite of airspace obstruction, we were able to have a suitable aircraft ready for the former prime minister and his company. After a short lunch break at the airport in Mönchengladbach, manager Adam ... [more]

Helicopter for TV Experts

A well-known German football expert was under considerable time pressure yesterday afternoon. Two appointments lined up closely together, had them in panic. Without the use of a helicopter, the schedule would have needed to be tweaked. Shuttle-flug.de organized a helicopter flight with exact arrival times, allowing for the people to land directly outside of their destination. Together with ... [more]

Football player to Commercial appointment

If there only is a short window between appointments, and one wants to travel in luxury, then there are not to many options for travel. The Brand Management team felt the same way, when it offered one of its clients, who is a famous football star in the German Bundesliga, to fly-in to a photo shoot via airplane. The major advantage of the helicopter was that the soccer player was able to land ... [more]

Shuttle Flug at WM 2010

Shuttle-flug.de will be present at the next FIFA Soccer World Championships in South Africa. The tournament will be hosted in nine different stadiums, which are all a total of 1,700km apart from each other. Several people in the entertainment industry will use the convenience of air travel during this time. One can travel safely, and quickly from stadium to stadium, without any traffic. Book ... [more]

Another race pro on Board

This weekend, Shuttle-flug.de had the honor to transport race sport pro Heinz Harald Frentzen from Munich far into Austria. The excellently equipped VIP helicopter was all Heinz Harald Frentzen could have asked for. After landing, he got out and said the time passed “like a flight”. There should be more flights to come. Shuttle-flug.de is looking forward to chartering more of ... [more]

Shuttle-flug.de at Economy Day

This year Shuttle-flug.de presented itself at the economy day. In the industrial hall of Bochum, we showed off our services, and entertained guests on a very informative day. The bartender Dennis served cocktails to all parties in hearing more about our product, and the nationwide helicopter use. In addition, Shuttle-flug.de introduced new brands of possible helicopter use in the area ... [more]