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Where can an aircraft land?


A private airplane can land on all airports. Dependent on the airplane type, an important factor will be the length of the runway. Our experts fit you with a suitable aircraft model, along with the required landing field.


After authorizations have been obtained, a helicopter can land wherever space allows. Helicopters need a special authorization for landing on a particular property outside of an airfield. The attainment of the proper authorizations are obtained and validated by the pilot.

Helicopter vs. Airplane - which is better?

The decision depends significantly on the amount of the people, the distance and the available airports.


A private airplane is usually faster than most helicopters. Just like airplanes, it can carry a large number of people. It can also transport your luggage. Because of its size, it provides a larger seating area. Over a far traveled distance, they are more economical.


A helicopter has no obligation to any airport. That can result in time saved during travel. With a helicopter, the take-off and landings are possible in almost any area. A helicopter is more economical than an airplane on short trips, and flights requiring only a few people.

How quickly can a helicopter or airplane be ready for take-off?

It is possible for us to have a helicopter available for you within a few minutes. However, you should plan your trip and secure a landing permission, so that the process is quicker. An inspection of the landing field may be required.

How much time should I budget?

The required time is dependent on the respective usage. The speed of a helicopter is about 140-270 km per hour. The maximum speed of a private airplane can be up to 1,000 km/h. Your time travelled is going to heavily depend on the different airports. Smaller airports allow for a caddy pick-up, which takes you all the way up to the aircraft. At larger airports this service nowhere to be found.

How many people can travel together?


Most business airplanes can carry smaller groups of 5-8 people. Our expert staff picks advises on an airplane, which suites the group size.


The amount of people is dependent on the respective helicopter. Most helicopters can transport up to 6 people. Larger groups of up to 12 people can fit in VIP machines.

How much luggage can I have?

The amount of luggage that can be taken on-board depends on the size of the helicopter. It is important for us to know what carry-on will be included on the trip. We will then select a suitable aircraft.

Does the Helicopter stay at the location if a return flight is booked?

This is dependent on the duration of the stay and the route that is to be taken back. In normal cases, the client will fly back with the same aircraft. We will calculate costs for the wait time of the aircraft.

Can a helicopter fly when it is dark outside?

Yes, helicopters can fly also in the night. Shuttle flights can only be carried out only in certain situations at night. Helicopters can fly at night with the proper equipment. The required technology is usually only available in larger choppers. As terms for flights at night are slightly different, they tend to be more costly.

Is any permission required?

We will acquire the proper authorization for a landing outside of an airport. For some landing areas, an authorization may be necessary. The cost of obtaining a landing authorization is usually around 300€. It is the pilot’s responsibility to acquire landing permissions from either the German Federal Aviation Agency or the district government. If a helicopter needs to fly below the minimum flight altitude for any event, appropriate authorization from the Federal Aviation Agency will be required. This special authorization can cost up to 300€ and would be obtained by the selected pilot.

Are there any security measures?

We only work with licensed aviation companies. The helicopters we use are equipped with the latest technology. Regular helicopter inspections guarantee for safety of all aircrafts. Our pilot search is very important, as we want only the best for our clients. All safety regulations for aerial sports in Germany for example, are very strict.

How are costs calculated?

We will calculate costs of your helicopter trip or event free-of-charge. Our services always compute all possible costs that could clearly arise. Likely costs include the flight to and from your destination, authorization and landing fees, inspection fee of the airfield, outlay of a fuel truck, staffing needs, and the actual flight itself.

How can I book?

You can book all flights by just calling our office or faxing us your request. All of our future clients are welcome to stop by our headquarters @ Engelshaus in Wuppertal. Engelsstraße 6 Wuppertal, Germany

Which payment methods are available?

Payment methods are: credit transfer, cash, check, or credit card. All flights must be paid in-full before take-off.

What are the cancellation conditions?

If there is a short notice cancellation, a fee will be due to cancel the booking:

  • 40% if you cancel 30 days or more prior to the booked service
  • 80% if you cancel up until 8 days prior to the booked service
  • 100% if you cancel within the last 7 days of the booked service

If a client cancels the flight after the helicopter has taken off from its current position, all incurred expenses must be paid. A cancellation during the flight by any customer, or in a case where a different cargo size calls for a shorter flight, the client will not receive a refund. When climate conditions do not allow us to put a chopper in the air, the client has the right to schedule a new appointment with Vendana GmbH. The re-scheduling of an event is free-of-charge.

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