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Express freight transport: it’s fast and reliable by plane or helicopter

Reliability, professionalism and many years of expertise in the air freight sector make us the ideal partner when you need to transport freight shipments of any kind by air as swiftly as possible. Whether it’s transporting an urgently needed spare part or an entire production plant, we can tackle any air freight assignment. Our aircraft and helicopters are ready for immediate deployment and our customer service line is available 24 hours a day – even on weekends and public holidays. This allows us to start planning the flight immediately and bring your freight to its destination within the prescribed time frame. For all cargo flights, we combine the shortest possible transit time with maximum cost-efficiency and always choose the best means of transport for your particular situation.

The right means of transport for your express shipment

So, your freight has to be on site within a very short time? No problem! In most cases, freight transport by air saves a lot of time compared to transport by road. In addition, planes and helicopters cannot get stuck in traffic jams, so detours and unplanned delays are much less frequent.

Depending on the circumstances, a helicopter can even make a door-to-door delivery. There are often suitable open spaces on the worksite, or close by, so that the helicopter can take off and land without any problems. Thus, there is no need to transport the freight to the airport and then load it onto a lorry, for example. This often saves valuable time. The open space for landing the helicopter should be approximately 30 x 30 metres in size, must be free of obstacles and must enable safe access for the landing and departure of the helicopter.

If the express freight needs to be transported over a medium or long distance, transporting the cargo by plane is usually the fastest and best option. A helicopter shuttle between the worksite and the airport can reduce the transit time even further. Alternatively, delivery of the cargo to and from the airport can also be carried out in trucks or other suitable vehicles.

We will overcome any and all bureaucratic hurdles

Bureaucratic hurdles can cause problems and delays, especially when freight deliveries are urgent, That's why we are happy to take care of all bureaucratic and organisational matters, obtain the necessary permits and handle all the arrangements with the competent authorities. If your express freight needs to be transported across national borders, we will, naturally, also handle all the customs formalities and ensure that your urgent cargo can be transported to its destination as quickly as possible.

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