Branding HubschrauberBoth a helicopter and an airplane are suitable for effective advertising measures of all type. Form your aircraft with advertising after your individual preferences or place your corporate logo on it, and use the sky as an advertising forum. With this advertising method, you are expanding your communication in a special way. Carry out flights with “your helicopter” or “your private airplane”.

Connect your brand exclusively with flights of this sort. Lift your brand into an exclusive light; we offer your brand management lots of possibilities. There are hardly any boundaries, when coming up with formatting the design. With a special foil, which corresponds with the air aviation requirements, we offer the ability to make the branding of your aircraft a spectacle. It will also allow you to present your product in an exclusive way. If you are interested in any long-term marketing measures, then we can also have the aircraft painting in the requested color schemes.

If you are planning a flight event for your clients and guests, or are just granting them a shuttle service to and from your company, it is certain that with the right Branding, you guarantee for an unforgettable experience. If you would like to give away flights in form of a drawing to your customers, we work to come up with a solid design - not only for the Branding of the helicopter or airplane, but also for the flight tickets, the pilots uniform, flight companions and the device shafts waiting on the ground. The presentation of your business will remain a recent memory for your clients, guests and the press. Due to our years of experience, you can expect professional care and assistance at the selected site.