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Helicopter Shuttle or Executive Jet

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Especially for people, who are in a tough bind or who are dependent on a tight appointment schedule, a flight per helicopter charter may be interesting. A helicopter is always available, and set to fit your schedule. You can fly without any wait time or delays, without any traffic jams, and fly in piece to your next appointment. Use your entire flight time as additional working hours and waste no time. Optimizing all of your resources, this could be optimal – as you are not checking-in at any airports. You can fly-in important people to your meetings. This will result in, more flexible appointment setting on your part, while making the experience more personal. is your competent partner for all transfer helicopters and helicopter shuttles. Contact us, and let us help maximize the structure of your everyday life. We offer a time saving and low-priced alternative for your travel.

Rent a private Jet and be flexible

Next to the enormous time-savings and the personality of a private airplane, this possibility offers you to start and land where you desire. Your helicopter picks you up on your company premises or private property, and brings you immediately to your destination. Whether an airport, fair, hotel or production center we make sure to get you to your stops rather fast. If an unexpected event occurs, guarantees to have another aircraft available for you in no time.

Helicopter for special People

A flight with a helicopter is a unique experience. One can use the helicopter not only as a means of transportation, but also to say “thank you” to exceptional staff as an incentive for good work. Create a positive conversation atmosphere during important meetings, as you have your partner fly-in with a helicopter – it will make them feel “special”.

Helicopter as an Event – Private Jet to the Event

We make sure that you and your guests start at your selected area, and get to see your city, your company premises or an area from an entirely new perspective. We offer a helicopter flight or an entire Helicopter event that will be special to you. Decide on a date, start and landing area, route, size of the group, time of the respective flights, or just give us an outline of your ideas and we will plan your entire event for you. We set no boundaries to your ideas – contact us today.

Transfer helicopter – Safely to your destination

Of course, we use the most modern helicopter and private jets, along with its technology. Experienced pilots permanently test these aircrafts. Should a helicopter or a private jet fail, we make sure to provide a replacement, so that you can carry out you project without losing any time. With us you will always make it to your destination safely!

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